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Easy Home Renovation Ideas For Spring

Spring sets in and brings the long-awaited freshness and relaxation from the long, cold and icy winter.

The coziness of our warm homes and the afternoon cup of hot chocolate have their charm, but with the spring coming, it is time to move from the fireplace to the terrace.  Just like how we refresh our clothing – coats, sweaters and boots give way to light spring raincoats and sandals.

However, the preparations for the spring season do not end there. In addition to our closets, we need to refresh our homes to achieve complete harmony.

This is especially true for occupants of more compact premises. In the beginning, every slight change and detail brings novelty, and hence positive excitement. Aside from the big spring cleaning, you can take another step by refreshing your home with small and routine maintenance repairs. That way you will not only get aesthetic pleasure, but the cosmetic repairs will bring you satisfaction and improve your mood, and why not even have fun while doing it!

Here are some suggestions for refreshing your home that will not cost you too much effort and money.

Spring Cleaning

It may sound annoying, but in fact, it leaves a long-lasting satisfaction and great feelings, and most importantly it is healthy. During the winter months, we spend significantly more time at home, we cook more and air the rooms less. Arranging the furniture is a good idea to check for accumulated dust which hides behind the furniture. Also, this will help you spot any mould development and help you address it immediately – it can most often be spotted around the windows, which have been condensing over the winter because of the change from hot and cold.

Follow these few simple steps to avoid the growth of mould in your home:

  • Air the rooms regularly. This will balance the humidity in all your rooms.

  • Use an extractor hood while cooking

  • Leave a little space between the walls and the furniture

  • Run the bathroom fan when you use showers, and do not leave the door open to prevent the moisture from entering the room

If it is too late and mould had appeared in your home, there are several ways to deal with it:

  • Bleach – an efficient solution, but not very pleasant. If you choose this option make a water solutions with a 1:1 ratio and use a spray bottle. Spray the contaminated areas, then wait for the solution to dry and fade. This option can be used on walls, tiles, linoleum or ceilings.

  • Vinegar can be used for any other surfaces. It is a powerful tool in the fight against mould. In this case, use a rag or sponge and apply to contaminated areas. Wait for it to dry again, then use a sponge to wipe.

  • Baking Soda – It is effective and even works towards preventing the appearance of mould in the future.

Transform Your Walls

Once you have overcome the mould problem, you can finish things off by repainting. A new coat of paint will definitely change and refresh the look of your home, the process itself does not cost excessive effort and is not a financial burden. There is an abundance of fresh tones offered by local paint suppliers that can satisfy even the most delicate tastes.

If you are feeling adventurous, you have an even greater variety of choices- You can choose a combination of two (or more) colours and thus break the room with an accent wall, without additional decorative elements.

Another interesting option is to add textured wallpaper or choose decorative wall stickers. Wallpapers are also a tempting option, given the huge variety and beautiful designs they offer. Wallpapers can even be placed in the bathroom, as long as you choose a moisture-resistant wallpaper.

Pay Attention to the Floor

If you have gone through the first two processes – to remove mould and then you have decided to paint, it is time for the finishing details. Complete the design of your home by tying together the colour of the walls and the floors. This can be done with beautiful decorative rugs, which you can find in a variety of colours.

The Scent of Spring

Freshness and fragrance – these are the synonyms of spring. Therefore, to let Spring come in your home add several pots of spring flowers to bring pleasure, improve the mood and add colour.

To achieve the maximum effect you can combine the flowers with a beautiful decorative pots in different colours so that the combinations are original and attract the eye. Especially if you have new colours on the walls, choose something that goes with them, but still stands out.

Aesthetically designed spring corner will impress and bring joy to you and your family, so do not hesitate and open your home and heart for the new season. These are our short, but key tips for a spring refreshment of your home.

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