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The Importance Of A Realtor When Selling Your Home

If you are contemplating selling your home, it most likely means you are closing one chapter of your life and starting a new one. Maybe your family is growing and you need more space. Or you are settling into retirement and are ready for a change of scenery.

While the benefits of hiring a realtor to help you sell your home are endless, here are a few of the most important:

1. They Have The Recommendations And Connections You Need

Even homeowners who are “selling their house on their own” are not really selling their house on their own. Selling property requires help from various sources, and involves working with outside parties to ensure everything flows smoothly. Selling your home means dealing with inspectors, lenders, contractors, appraisers, lawyers and other industry professionals. Finding these people to help you get your home ready to sell can be a challenge, finding people who are trustworthy, dependable, capable and knowledgeable can be even harder. This is why working with a Realtor when selling your home is so important.

Realtors have extensive networks and connections with professionals across a broad range of industries which they can recommend with full confidence. When you work with a Realtor, you instantly get access to their network. Getting connected with the right people can play a significant role in how fast you sell your home and how many offers you get.

2. They Handle The Confusing Paperwork

While every home sale process is different, there is one thing that remains the same whether you are buying a luxury condo or a sprawling estate on the water; there is a lot of paperwork. The entire process breaks down into reading, writing and signing documents to speed the process along and keep everything legal and organized. A Realtor will help you understand what paperwork you need for each stage of the process. He/she can break down the contract so you know exactly what you are signing. You can walk through each step with confidence knowing that you have all the documents you need and that you are only signing contracts that you understand. When you are selling your home, your signature is binding, and it is critical that someone with experience is by your side to walk you through each document.

3. They Break Down The Laws

Another benefit of working with a Realtor when selling your home is having someone on your team who can make sure everything is done by the book and follows the law. Real estate law can be confusing and overwhelming, but a professional Realtor will know the language and protocol required to sell your home. They will be familiar with agreements, regulations, fees, rights and financing terminology that may be foreign to you. Selling your home requires close attention to detail and playing by the rules, and a Realtor can make sure everything is done by the book.

4. They Help Arrange Inspections

Before you sell your home, you will have an inspection done to determine the current market value of the house. This inspection will play a significant role in the official purchase price of the home. Your agent knows what inspectors are looking for, and will give you advice on changes or improvements you can make to your home before the inspection is conducted. Your agent can also put you in contact with reputable inspectors in the area, and, if you decide is it best, can be present at the inspection as well. The valuable knowledge your agent has to offer about how to prepare your home for inspection will give you the best chance at an overall positive inspection report.

5. They Take Care Of Marketing

One of a Realtor’s most important roles is to ensure your home gets in front of as many qualified buyers as possible. A professional and experienced agent will use a combination of traditional marketing techniques (such as a sign in the yard or listing on the MLS) along with more creative strategies that are sure to generate interest. Your Realtor will devise a custom marketing plan that is specific to your home, and ensure you are involved and included each step of the way. Your agent will facilitate open houses (if you choose to use this marketing strategy) or list your home on multiple social media platforms. They also use word-of-mouth to spread the word to buyers agents that your home is for sale.

6. They Facilitate Closing

From the first decision to sell your home to establishing the price, managing inspections, and listing and marketing your home, there are many stages of selling your home that you must walk through to finally arrive at closing. But closing is a step all in its own, and a professional Realtor can help you navigate this exciting final chapter. Your Realtor will spend the final days of the transaction process making sure all of your documents are in order and finalize the closing costs. As you start preparing your home for sale, your agent will be checking and rechecking the details of the sale to make sure everything goes according to plan.

How Jovi Realty Makes Selling Your Home Easy

The Jovi Realty Team is made up of professional and passionate agents that know the area, know the market, and have extensive experience selling homes in the Vancouver area. We pride ourselves in taking the stress out of selling your home and listening to your input every step of the way. We are confident in our ability to leverage our tools, resources, network, and local market knowledge to work in your favor and sell your home quickly. Contact Jovi Realty today to take the first step in selling your home.

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