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Choosing The Best Lighting For Each Room

Consider lighting options that fit the space best

One of the most significant aspects of interior design and home staging is lighting. The light in a room can set a specific mood, making the room feel more open and inviting. In some rooms, large windows and skylights allow plenty of natural light to flow through and illuminate the room. Home designers have countless lighting options to choose from to showcase each room in its best light.

Living Room Lighting

The living room is the central hub of the house; a common area where families can come together to discuss their adventures of the day, host game nights, watch movies together, work on homework and entertain guests. Lighting in this room should focus on layering. Being able to control the brightness of light in the living room allows family members to customize the light and the ambiance of the room based on their activity. Lights with dimmer switches are an excellent option for the living room as they allow individuals to adjust the brightness easily.

Lighting in the living room should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Recessed lighting, concealed cove lights, and elegant floor lamps that have adjustable light settings can all add to the vibe of this central living space while acting as modern decor at the same time.

The light fixtures you choose for your living room should serve to improve the ambiance of the room. A few common living room light fixtures that do this include:

  • Chandelier lights hanging from the ceiling

  • Single pendant lights hanging from the ceiling

  • Wall sconces

  • Floor lamps

Bathroom Lighting

The two qualities that bathroom lighting should focus on are balance and brightness. Because the bathroom is a place where people often spend time doing activities that require careful precision, such as shaving or applying makeup, lights in this room should reduce shadows and increase visibility. Lighting in the bathroom is also a safety feature. Combining a dim room with wet surfaces could be a dangerous combination. Popular bathroom lighting options include a recessed light above the shower, additional track lights above or around the vanity mirror, or even a wall mounted light controlled by a switch can give any bathroom a bright and balanced feel. Some common bathroom light fixture options include:

  • Pendant lights hanging from the ceiling

  • Vanity lighting

  • Wall sconces

  • Any collections or bankruptcies in your financial history

Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is a private retreat. It is a quiet oasis away from the rest of the home; a place where you can rest, relax and feel the most comfortable. Because of this, it can be tempting to equip your bedroom with soft lighting to maintain this calm and tranquil vibe. However, a dimly lit bedroom has its disadvantages. Inadequate lighting in a bedroom could be a safety concern, and can also make finding things (lost shoes, your favorite shirt) difficult.

Table shade lamps on a bedside table can provide a strong light for nighttime reading, while an elegant chandelier can add style and elegance to your bedroom while also allowing cascading light throughout the room. Consider this popular bedroom lighting option, which is track lighting along the ceiling perimeter.

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is another favorite gathering place. Thus, proper lighting in this room is critical. It’s important to have bright and balanced light in the kitchen. This will keep you safe when handling sharp objects and glass. Also, it will help to create a comfortable place for families to cook and eat together. Popular kitchen lighting options include triple pendant lights that hang above snack bars and countertops. Some may like chandeliers that hang above kitchen tables, while others prefer under-cabinet lighting helps illuminate specific areas of the kitchen. Overall, the purpose is to make it easier for those working in the kitchen to see clearly the task at hand. Recessed lighting throughout the kitchen is an easy way to balance the light throughout a larger space. Furthermore,  track lighting can provide more direct lighting in different areas of the kitchen.

Exterior Lighting

Patios, lanais, pool areas, outdoor kitchens, and balconies are meant to provide a calm and peaceful outdoor retreat from the rest of the home. These areas cannot be enjoyed in complete darkness, however, and the lighting you choose for these areas will play a significant role in how these spaces can be used. String lights are a popular option for outdoor patio spaces but are often more aesthetically pleasing than functional. Wall lights controlled by a wall switch can add a soft glow to an outdoor entertainment area, and outdoor floor lamps can illuminate a balcony, front porch or outdoor kitchen for guests to best use these outdoor spaces.

The lighting you choose for each room should reflect the personality of the room, add to the functionality of the space, and serve as a decorative feature in the room. Whether you are lighting a room in order to stage it to sell, or you simply want to add light and life to your existing home, choosing the best lighting for each room can drastically improve the look and feel of every room in your home.

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