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Is It Time to Remodel or Move? What Is Your Option?

If you’re feeling like your current home isn’t quite cutting it anymore, you’ve probably played with the idea of doing a remodel. Maybe you need more bedrooms for your growing family, or perhaps all of the empty bedrooms in your empty nest are becoming too much work. A remodel is a great option when you are looking to add something to your home, but it requires careful research and planning. It can also mean you’re out of your home for a while or have limited access to specific areas of your home.

For some people, however, remodeling may be too big of a project or not enough to really give them the home they want. For these people, a move might be a better option. But how you do know when it’s time to make some upgrades and when it’s time to find a new home sweet home? Here are a few things to consider.

You May Choose To Remodel If…

Your Heart Is In Your Home

If you are emotionally attached to your home, a remodel can be easier on your heart than moving away. Some homeowners hate the idea of leaving the house that they’ve brought their babies home to, or that has been the backdrop for countless family experiences. If you just need more space or want to improve the layout to make more sense for your lifestyle, a remodel may be the best choice. You get to stay in the home you love while still getting the upgrades you need to live comfortably.

You’re Looking To Add Value To Your Home

Deciding to remodel could mean increasing the value of your home. A new kitchen or updated bathroom can drastically increase your ROI (return on investment) when it comes to selling your home. This is something to consider when working out the cost of a remodel. Adding a room or two, upgrading a bathroom or remodeling the kitchen may seem costly up front, but can do big things when it is time to move.

Remodeling Trends In Vancouver

The renovation industry in Vancouver has been thriving in the last few years, as more and more families are choosing to make changes to their existing homes instead of moving. Some of the most popular renovation projects in Vancouver in the past few years include:

  • Painting and tiling

  • Kitchen remodels

  • Bathrooms and basements renovations

  • Replacing windows and doors

  • New decks and constructing fences in backyards

You May Choose To Move If…

You’re Ready For A New Start

Sometimes it’s not always the home itself that needs a change. Maybe you’re ready to be closer to family or you’re looking for a shorter commute to work. If being in a good school zone is important to you, a move may be the only way to get there. If you are ready for a fresh start, new neighbors and a new home to make your own, it may be time to call the movers.

You Don’t Have Time for Renovations

Adding a bedroom or putting new appliances in the kitchen can add value to your home while also allowing you to stay in your home. But if your entire home needs a makeover, you need a different layout, multiple bedrooms and significant changes; moving may be the better option. If the costs of your renovations start to get close to the cost of buying a new home, it may be worth it just to move. Huge residential overhauls take months to complete and can be an inconvenience to the entire family. A move is also a good choice when you need to downsize.

You Are Ready For Change

A move, whether it’s across the city or the country, means new opportunities and experiences. It means new scenery, new friends, new things to do and try. If you’ve got the itch to change things up, there’s no better way to start over than with a move. If you aren’t emotionally attached to your home, it can be easier to say goodbye and start looking for a new start.

Buying and Selling in Vancouver

If it’s time to move, the Vancouver real estate market is a great place to buy and sell. There are stunning high rises in the the always-expanding Richmond area, a thriving arts scene and diverse real estate market in West Canada’s oldest city, New Westminster, and gorgeous public parks and vintage real estate in Coquitlam. Whatever it is that your family needs in their next home, you can find it in this booming market.

Deciding Which Option Is Right For You

Remodeling or moving is a very specific and personal decision. The option you choose should be based on exactly what changes you need, the timeframe you’re working with, and your budget.

It’s also important to think about your 5-10 year plan. If you’re planning on starting a family in the next few years, will the remodel you’re planning make sense for your growing family? And if you’re considering a move, is the neighborhood a place you’d feel raising your kids in? Or maybe in five years your home will have fewer people in your home, as kids head off to college. Will the home you live in now be suitable when life changes in just a few short years? When you’re deciding between a remodel or move, it’s important not to just consider the season of life you’re currently in, but also considering where you think you’ll be in 5-10 years.

Remodeling now adds value to your home now you can sell it for later. If you decide to move, Jovi Realty can help find the home you’ve been dreaming about.

At the end of the day, you deserve a home that makes sense for your lifestyle, and sometimes that means a move, and sometimes that means a renovation. If you’ve weighed your options and feel that it’s time to sell your home, our team is on standby ready to help.

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