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6 Tips To Help Sell Your Home In Summer Fast

Putting your home on the market this summer? You may have to work a little harder to get it sold. This is because the majority of buyers house hunt in the spring or fall, and people tend to go away on vacation. But if you have to sell your home in summer due to reasons beyond your control, there are still lots of things you can to do attract buyers.

Here are our top 6 tips to help you sell your home in summer and net a great deal.

1. Set the right price

Nothing will hurt your chances of being able to sell your home in summer more than pricing your home too high or too low. Too high and you won’t attract serious buyers, too low and buyers will wonder what’s wrong with it. You can avoid both of these scenarios by setting the right price and talking to an experienced REALTOR ®. Our expert agents are neighbourhood specialists who can provide you with detailed reports on comparable sales to help you with price analysis.

2. Create great curb appeal

If prospective buyers aren’t impressed enough by the outside of your home to take a look inside, then you won’t be selling in a hurry. Neglecting your curb appeal is a big mistake in summer, because it can have the potential to make or break the sale. If you have a front garden then you’ll need to mow your lawn a couple of times a week to keep it looking immaculate, and make sure to water everyday. In general: cleaning up rubbish, fixing the fence, painting the front door, creating a front path and planting flower beds, are all things you can do to sell your home in summer.

3. Make it light and bright

A light filled home is infinitely more attractive than a dark, closed up one, at any time of year. But if you want to sell your home in summer buyers will have much higher expectations because this is the time of the year a home should look its best. Take advantage of the warmer weather and pull back curtains, open up the windows to let in fresh air (give them a good wash while you’re at it so the glass is sparkling clean). Daylight savings can also give buyers extra time to view homes after work, so it pays to be flexible with twilight showing hours to accommodate them.

4. Summer staging tips

Staging a home for sale can net you more money and help it sell faster. It indicates to buyers that you’re serious about selling and by ‘neutralizing’ the home it helps them visualize themselves living there.

Here are some staging tips for selling your home in summer:

  • Remove all clutter, including personal items such as photos, certificates and knickknacks

  • Keep to a neutral colour scheme with pops of accent colour for visual interest (blue or green has a calming effect, yellow invokes optimism and red is energizing)

  • Bring in nature with bright flowers in pots by the front door, or vases of summer greenery and fresh cut flowers

  • Nautical, beachy or tropical artwork can add a summer lifestyle feel

  • Incorporate items that reflect the mood and brightness of summer, e.g. metals, mirrors, shells, driftwood, flowery fabric

5. Show off outdoor living

If your home has any kind of outdoor space, then highlighting it is a good idea. Even a small balcony, patio or deck can get summer buyers excited if you set up some outdoor furniture and/or a seating area. Add a few accents such as scented candles, colourful cushions and a throw rug to show them how they can relax and enjoy the outdoors in their new home.

6. Offer summer hospitality

House hunting in summer can be hot, thirsty work. So visiting a home where the homeowner or REALTOR ® has thoughtfully provided cool beverages and snacks for viewers will go down a treat, especially if kids are in tow. Cold bottled water and individual small packages of candies/snacks work best to save prep time. To help sell your home in summer your REALTOR ® can also put stickers on the snacks with their contact details, and this is a good way to make your home stand out in a buyer’s mind.

Putting your house on the market during the vacation months may mean there are less available buyers around, but if you follow these tips to sell your home in summer it won’t matter. You’ll be doing all the right things to attract an ideal buyer.

If you’re interested in selling your home in summer, or any other season, book an appointment with one of our expert agents today!


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