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9 Tips And Tricks To Decorate Small Apartments

Just because your apartment is on the smaller side does not mean you cannot do big things when it comes to interior design. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to maximize the space you have and create the illusion of even more space.

From furniture placement to wall color and smart lighting design, here are the nine ways for your small apartment to pack a big punch:

1. Create Zones

Small apartments and studios can often feel like one big room, so intentionally breaking up your space in zones helps to give each space its own vibe and helps to define where one room starts and the other stops. One easy way to designate each zone is with area rugs. These do not take up space in your apartment but add color and personality to each area of your home.

2. Get Rid Of Clutter

To maximize the space you have, you must be very intentional about what you allow to take up space in your home. Clutter makes any room look smaller, so do some deep-cleaning and get rid of the things that do not add value to your space. Do you need a sofa, loveseat, two armchairs and two bean bags in your living room? Decide what pieces can go to free up some space while still making each room functional.

Shelf space is sacred in a small apartment and should be used for the things that you need on a daily basis. Maybe your collection of salt and pepper shakers can find another place to create room for picture frames, light fixtures, flowers or books. 

3. Style With Symmetry 

In a small space, symmetry is your friend. How you place the items in your apartment is just as important as what you put in your apartment. Two couches that mirror each other naturally create a cozy and comfortable space that does not feel crowded. Being aware of balance throughout your home will help the entire space feel open and give the illusion of more space.

4. Use What You Have

Does your apartment have a unique nook or corner space that you are not quite sure how to use? Take advantage of these unusual spaces by adding shelving, a mini-fridge or hooks to hang purses, hats, and coats. Do not let corner space go to waste just because it is small or in an awkward location. Get creative and maximize the space you have! Consider using recessed nooks and alcove as storage space, to make room in your apartment but keeping things you do  not need on a daily basis out of the way. 

5. Go Bold

Small apartments have small rooms, but bright and bold colors can add life and light to any small space. Use bright colors and patterns in small spaces like a guest bathroom, especially if the room does not have a window. Be selective in where you use bold patterns, and make sure to balance it with soft color choices and neutral finishes. Too many colors in a small apartment can be distracting and look unorganized, but keeping bold accents and color choices confined to one or two small spaces within the apartment can add space and light to an otherwise cramped space.

6. Use Multi-Use Furniture

In a small apartment, finding furniture that has multiple users can add functionality to your space without overcrowding it. A pull out sofa or daybed can be a place for friends to lounge during the day and can serve as a guest bed when you have overnight guests. Find multiple purposes for the furniture that you currently have to cut down on clutter and improve the overall functionality of the space. 

7. Light It Up

Light fixtures can add style and personality to a room, but can also be bulky and take up valuable tabletop or floor space. Consider wall mounted lights. These are both aesthetically pleasing and do not take up room in your small apartment. A poorly lit room will feel small, so be intentional about lighting up each space in your apartment. 

8. Go With White

Dark wall colors will make your space feel smaller, so brighten up your space with white walls. You can add color in plenty of other ways (wall art, area rugs, throw pillows) and the white walls will make any small space feel open and airy. An accent wall (or boldly painted ceiling!) in one or two rooms can bring personality to the area while still making it feel open.

9. Create An Eat-In Kitchen

If you feel like you are trying to squeeze a dining room into your apartment, consider opting for an eat-in kitchen instead. Do not shrink the size of your common areas in order to create a place for you and your guests to eat. If your kitchen is big enough, pull bar stools up to the counters to create a breakfast bar, or set a table and two chairs in a corner for a comfortable and convenient place to eat. The table could double as extra kitchen storage space when you are not using it for a meal. 

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The mission of Jovi Realty is to help you find the home that meets your needs and your budget. But our work does not end once the keys are in your hand. If you need tips or suggestions for how to decorate your space, no matter how big or how small, we have connections with interior designers who can help you customize your new home. Contact Jovi Realty today to take the first step toward finding (and decorating) your new home.

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